Rare flowers around the world

In spite of fears that the floral industry has been wilting in recent years, there is still hope yet as Santa Monica based online florist BloomNation has just received a whopping $5.5 million funding.                                               In light of these rosey developments in the flower industry, we look at a selection of the world’s most incredible flowers. From the stunning tulips of the Netherlands to the creeping wisteria tunnels of Japan, via the golden daffodils of Wordsworth’s famous poem right here in the UK, wherever you are in the world you’re never likely to be far from some incredible flora.The famous beauty of the red rose runs right through history, and the venus fly trap’s incredible ability to ensnare insects has made it a household name – but what about the other ways in which flowers have evolved to help them stand out from the crowd?

We’ve taken a look at some of the most awe-inspiring flowers from around the world, offering any aficionados a few tips to consider the next time you’re planning a trip abroad.