Why 3 days in Sydney just isn’t enough

I have personally travelled to Sydney twice myself and absolutely adore this city ! my favorite in the world.. hoping to celebrate new years this time in Sydney and eagerly waiting to loudly chant the countdown till midnight under the harbor bridge !

2 tickets to Wonderland

Getting to Sydney was by far the longest plane ride ever (altogether, with waiting at the airports, it took us 35 hours). It was a good feeling to be standing on a solid ground again (almost felt like kissing the ground, but we would probably get some strange looks).

Since Australia is for us a gigantic country (after all Slovenia obtains 0,26% of Australia) it is hard to get all of it in one month’s time. In this case, you have to rationalize. Our plan provided 3 days in Sydney, which had to be enough (we just couldn’t afford spending more time there, since we planned on driving towards Cairns). It definitely isn’t enough and you will soon see why.

We arrived to Sydney at 6am local time, which meant that we had a whole day ahead of us. First stop our hotel, baggage drop-off, shower and we are back…

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