Seaworld is not only an entertaining animal theme park but also an inspiration to conserve our animal heritage across the world. They are located in Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio and there’s one in Australia with a bit of variation in the name as SEA WORLD.

I visited the one in San Diego, and I just didn’t feel like leaving the park. Some people were astonished to know that I liked it more than the Disneyland, but it had an environment so alive and with so much razzmatazz. The first thing we did was to grab a park map without which it’s impossible to go around, as the map contains not only the locations but also the various show timings which one can’t afford to miss.



They put up amazing shows like One Ocean featuring park’s Whales and their trainers, another one The Shamu story which is an educational presentation of facts about the Whales. Shamu was the name of the first killer whale brought to the SeaWorld and now it’s the stage name for other adult whales.


This word (SHAMU)  would be engraved in your memory when you are sitting there watching the show and the whale drenches you by splashing water on you. It’s an exquisite feeling and you will keep asking for more.



Then the Dolphin show, being a kid I have always imagined the Dolphins dancing in the Sea but witnessing it was another thing totally, I was mesmerized with various colourful birds and aerialists along with the Bottlenose Dolphins everywhere.                                                                                                                               sea-world-sea-lion-show

They have more breathtaking shows like Sea Lions Live, Pets Rule featuring many animals together putting up a show, Madagascar Live (a live musical show) and Cirque de La Mer which is a journey to the island of Amphibians.  Besides, they have some great rides and roller-coasters. They also have huge aquariums with a variety of Turtles, fishes and other creatures. Also, one can witness Walruses, beautiful Penguins with seven different species, Polar Bears, Sea Otters and Sea Lions of California.                                                                                                  C9OA_Explorer_s_Reef_shark_pool

One can also touch Guitarfish, white sturgeons and bat rays. It’s an amazing world of various animals, which is quite enchanting. For me it was a kind of meditation for I could look at the animals for hours exploring their movement.




Adorable Polar Bear

seaworld-san-diego Beautiful Penguins