Yes, it’s the same country we have read about in history, with its huge involvement in World War 2 or rather “just destruction” of its people and resources. Poland pronounced as POLSKA, is a country in Central Europe. Its  Capital  being  WARSAW  and  currency  ZLOTY. Language is definitely a limitation, for mostly they speak Polish.

Most Popular cities of Poland are: Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan, Lublin and Torun.


Krakow, Poland’s second largest city is culturally grand and a fine city located on the Vistula River. Former Polish royal capital is known for its cultural, artistic, economic activities. The old city of Krakow (Stare Miasto in Polish) consists of a Wawel Castle; a royal castle depicting the Polish royalty along with a Cathedral is situated on a hill. The striking 14th century St Mary’s Basilica, Main market Square (being the largest Medieval town in Europe) and Kazimierz’s streets in the Jewish district are known for its café’s, galleries, nightlife and restaurants.                                                            

Enjoy open air flea markets, take a river cruise, ride in horse carriages and check out the royal way for amazing shopping experience. Located on the outskirts of Krakow is a Wieliczka Salt mine which features an underground city, all carved out of the rock salt is mesmerizing.                                  

Alcohol is easy to get, but Krakow is known for its various Vodka drinks like Tatanka a delicious polish drink made of vodka called Zubrowka and apple juice, Sliwowica- a plum brandy and many more. Food Specialty being  Bagel and Cheese.




Wroclaw,  also known by its English or German name Breslau, Polish pronunciation as Vrots- swaf.  Mainly it’s an Industrial, manufacturing, banking and a cultural hub. Centre point of Wroclaw is Rynek or Cultural square is an architectural attraction. Salt Square, flower market (former Salt market), Town Hall (turned museum of city art), the Wroclaw fountain, and various gardens, churches are some other attractions.         

61509028Do try Music theatre Capitol and Opera Wroclawska. Along with Polish cuisine Wroclaw has many Italian dining options and Korean Barbecue, Sushi apart from the long list of eateries. For Couples, a romantic evening at Ostrow Tumski (a group of islands on the Oder River with many churches and old buildings) with exotic oil lamps everywhere would be a sight to behold.



Gdansk is on the Baltic Coast with two other cities Gdynia, Sopot and some suburban communities, together forming a metropolitan area called Tricity. Gdansk is the Poland’s principal seaport. They have magnificent churches but one must enjoy the view from the top of St Mary’s church, do have a look at some of their best museums and famous gates.                                                  

Sail Gdansk, swim in the sea, take tours like walking tours, Gdansk city tour or Solidarity tour to know more about their local culture and lifestyle, else Canoe tour through the canals would be  the right choice. Try a Polish meal on Motlawa River bank, else fresh oysters with a bottle of Chardonnay would be a perfect combination.  

The Gdansk specialty is the creamy Vodka with small flakes of 22 or 23 karat Gold in it. It’s known as the Danziger Goldwasser, herbal and root liqueur. 

IMG_8128-1024x768Gdynia is one of the modern cities in Poland; Beaches in Gdynia are very beautiful and best for leisure. They also have a Heineken open ‘er festival which is an open air music festival best in Europe, one should plan their trip in early summer to enjoy this festival.        Sopot known as the Spa town is famous for its resorts, beaches, the mid- woods forest Opera and Monte Cassino street.



Warsaw is the capital of Poland with its major attractions being Centrum (which is the old town comprising of six districts) mainly in Srodmiescie, Wola and Mokotow .  Your Itinerary should consist some museums, Royal Castle, Kabaty forest and multimedia fountain park. Concerts, festivals, contemporary music concerts, club- hopping are some fun stuff to do. You would get many unique eateries, many kabab shops and a huge variety of fast food and Milk bars. There are separate student clubs at moderate prices and Alcohol is prohibited in the public areas.



Poznan was the capital of Poland, known for its various museums, Cathedral and Old market square. See the billy goats at Noon; a clock with mechanical billy goats has been installed in the Town Hall since 1551. Every day, as the clock strikes 12pm, on the tower above the clock a door opens and two billy goats appear and they butt their heads 12 times. There’s a legend behind this on punctuality.                                                                                                          Do visit and take a stroll in the former Imperial Castle, check out the beer gardens at the Old Brewery 50 50 and try a St Martins Croissant.




Part of the Slowinski  National  Park, located in Northern Poland on the Baltic Coast. The Sand Dunes are formed as waves and wind carry them onshore, they can reach up as high as 30 meters. They are known as the moving dunes, with varying forms of dunes according to the season.



One of the most popular lake districts as it contains more than 2,000 lakes connected by canals and rivers. It also has many amazing forests, meadows and pastures around.

TATRA  MOUNTAINS                                                                                                                                    View-of-Great-Pond-in-Five-Ponds-Valley_Tatra-Mountains_Poland

Highest  mountains in Poland with five climatic vegetation belts. The mountains occupy an area of 785 kilometers. They are shared between Poland and Slovakia. You will find rocky peaks covered with snow all year round, along with spectacular lakes, waterfalls and valleys.

Sleigh rides and hiking adds a memorable experience to life.


One must visit Poland in summers or early winters for the winters can be very frosty with the temperature going down to -20 degree Celsius with heavy snowfall.

Why not explore it yourself……   

PART 3: Chopta – so, this is how heaven feels! (April 23, 2012)

The Escapades

(Odyssey continues from Part 2)

Ukhimath to Chopta – The Drive

At 8:00 AM we started to drive for Chopta which is ~20 km of curving roads from the Ukhimath rest house where we are stationed. The road passes through a dense forest of oaks, pines, ferns, algae and mosses and is in good condition. It seems as if some artist has scraped through mushy mushy greens using charcoal. We were totally taken with the tranquil beauty of the place.

Canopy of trees on the road to Chopta (Uttarakhand, April 2012)

In addition to the pristine beauty we are also blessed with Solitude. I had selected this place as an escape from crowds and it is delivering remarkably on that.

Mayadeep Resort at Dugalbitta - On way to Chopta Mayadeep Resort at Dugalbitta – On way to Chopta


We reached Chopta by 10:00 AM. It is a very small village where there is no electricity and other amenities that we are used…

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