Ladakh Expedition on a Rickshaw

This Rickshaw Puller Pedaled all the way from kolkata to Leh to fulfil his dream

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Everyone has dreams. Few have the courage to follow them. But when you do, you achieve the impossible. This 40-year-old rickshaw puller from Kolkata is a living proof of that.

Satyen Das makes a living ferrying commuters around the Gitanjali Metro in Naktala. His dream was to visit Ladakh, and he didn’t let anyone or anything hold him back. With his personal savings and donations from locals, he has set out on a valiant 3000 km voyage to the Khardung La pass in Ladakh. This means battling mountainous terrain, snow-covered tracks and sub zero temperatures on a rickshaw.

Satyen has modified his rickshaw with additional brakes and a new body made of light steel. He covers 40-50 kms every day and stays for free at religious places during the nights. Every morning, he goes to Police Stations to seek permission to move ahead. His journey continues, armed with maps and a camera to chronicle the great adventure.

He says it’s a great learning experience. But he also has valuable things to teach: “I want to spread the message of world peace with this journey and also I want to promote rickshaw as a cheap and eco-friendly mode of transport,” he said.

He expects to complete this expedition in 5 months and earn a place in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Earlier on, Satyen has also taken his family on trips to Puri and Rohtang Pass on his rickshaw.

A salute to the indomitable spirit of this man!