20 Signs of a true Traveller!!!

There are not many people in this world who dislike Travelling, but they do not accept it that they are also a TRUE TRAVELER or TRAVEL OBSESSED

1. You slept in more hotels than you can count on your finger tips.

2. You always include currency whenever you talk about price of a product.

For example: I paid $60 Canadian Dollars for this T-shirt.

download (1)
3. You are in a habit of walking.

4. You know Airport codes of more than 20 cities.

download (2)
5. You often feel reverse cultural shock.

6. You have atleast one incidence when you slept outdoors.

download (3)
7. When you meet someone, your first question is “Where are you from”?

download (4)
8. You always have the ability to travel on the last moment.

download (5)
9. You watch too much Travel Channel on television.

images (1)
10. You have multiple currencies in your wallet all the time.

download (6)
11. Travelling always relaxes you.

images (2)
12. When you do not travel for long , you get anxious.

download (7)
13. You know Couch Surfing got nothing to do with ocean.

14. You have minimum 5 travel bags, which you bought from different places.

15. You always save money for the flight ticket.

download (9)
16. You have a good relationship with your travel agent.

17. You know how to say Hello, Good Bye in many languages!!!

download (10)
18. Your passport is your favorite personal item.

19. You know how to get through the security in Least amount of time.

Body scanners at airports
20. You’re spontaneous,witty.


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