The Happiest Place on Earth: DISNEYLAND


Disneyland is a world of magical experiences; it’s a place for one and all.

There are in all 5 Disneyland theme parks across the world: Disneyland in Anaheim, California was the first theme park opened in 1955 and the only theme park supervised by Walt Disney. Others are at Tokyo, Florida, Paris, Hong Kong and another one is under construction in Shanghai which is set to open in 2016.

The ticket is starting at $96.00 for a day and park timings are from 9.00AM to 12:00AM.

Disneyland Park, Anaheim (California) is further segmented into 8 themes:

                                                     MAIN STREET, U.S.A74127_1670133429964_1724645_n

Main Street USA would resemble a small American town of the early 1900’s. It is the entrance of the park, where you will find Horse drawn street cars, Horseless carriages, Omnibus, A main street cinema wherein you can see Disney’s short films, A Disney gallery and various stores for souvenirs. Also, it’s just a place to grab a three scoop waffle cone.Don’t forget to catch the Disneyland Railroad on the main street USA, which is an 18 minute train (vintage) ride throughout the park giving an overview of the huge Disneyland.



The major attractions under the theme are Indiana Jones Adventure ride into lost temple, Jungle Cruise and the Enchanted Tiki Room which features singing animatronic parrots. It is decorated with colonial- style outposts, tribal masks and jungle trees to create an excitement of expedition.



You will find two rides here both very interesting, Haunted Mansion Holiday which is a ride into the ghostly resident. While the other one is, Pirates of the Caribbean which gives you an experience of a voyage. This theme represents the historic New Orleans with winding streets and bands, also known for its French market restaurant .



Previously it was a part of the Frontierland but now it has its own identity. It is known for its Splash Mountain which has a combination of waterfalls, railroads, audio-animatronic figures singing motion pictures soundtrack with a finale of steep drop down the hill. There are two more rides in Critter, The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes.



Depicts the heroes of the, American oldwest. For an adventurous ride over a mountain try Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Mark Twain Riverboat and Pirates Liar on Tom Sawyer Island are other attractions. Its theme is the waterways on which most of the rides are based on. Some of the other rides are Sailing Ship Columbia, Big Thunder Ranch and the Golden horseshoe stage puts up a good show.



It’s a cartoon world where Mickey and Minnie mouse reside in there exotic houses, alon their other friends of the toon world. A special kids roller coaster Gadgets Go Coaster is the attraction along with Donald’s Boat, Chip n’ Dale Treehouse, Goofy’s Playhouse ad Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin.


13 It's A Small World Night (1)

It’s a paradise of rides based on Disney animated films: Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pinocchio. It’s a Small World is the major attraction, for it’s a ride into the culture of various countries. There’s even a walkthrough Castle of Sleeping Beauty, and Matterhorn Bobsleds roller coaster and many other attractions for kids.



Rocket your way into Tomorrowland with Space Mountain, fight bad guys in Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters. Enjoy the Submarine Voyage  by Finding Nemo, 3-D Journey into Universe with Star Tours and explore Michael Jackson’s music with Captain EO.

While enjoying the rides, Don’t Miss the Fantasmic Water, Light and Fire show at night followed by the Magical Fireworks.


The Sensational Parade with the Disney Characters is something to look forward to. For it creates an enthusiasm within, with so many colours, melodies, rhythms and dances. It takes you to another world all together. From exquisite bands to yummy savouries, they have it all.


Well there is much much more………GO and Explore .