Pilgrim travel – a better peace of mind ?

Being hit by the desire for a new journey of a true traveller , I decided on impulse to take the weekend off and visit some place , some place I’ve not been to in long , some place which would offer something diff from the usual leisure trips. And hence , I decided to visit the much renowned, followed and believed in temple of North India , the Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu with my family. 

The temple where Goddess Vaishno Ma sits with pride yet with a calmness on her face atop a mountain requiring you to climb up 14kms before you can reach the Goddess and pay your prays to her. This task is not as simple as it sounds. For this climb of 14 kms (so steep , my thigh bones cried ) tests not only the patience and belief in you but also the physical pains you need to endure and prove your faith in Vaishno Ma. But somehow , the journey to the top where Vaishno Ma awaits it’s disciples instills so much energy and faith in you, that you don’t realise when you reach the top by just chanting and humming sacred songs. And once you reach the top , meet and greet Vaishno ma and seek blessings from the goddess , there is an amazing feeling of achieving something, and an amazing calmness on one’s face despite the physical endurance of travelling 14 kms , almost as if Vaishno ma has passed a part of her own serenity onto her devotees who come and pay homage to her. This calmness and achievement brings with it it’s own peace of mind , a peace of mind that no leisure trip or luxury travel can match upto . This made me realise that sometimes what you need in life is not a break into the material luxuries of the world, but just a little time to travel upto a place where a peaceful deity is waiting to shower his/her blessings on you . 

So my friends , I urge you to take a pilgrim travel, not only for a break but for a peace of mind . Zor se bolo ” Jai mata di ” !!!!